2021 Satellite Mobile Innovations


Outstanding Leadership in Use of a Mobile Solution

Intelsat FlexMove is the only high-throughput satellite connectivity service designed to keep land mobile users connected in remote and hard to reach locations.

MSUA Awards Winner Intelsat 2021 Use of a Mobile Solution Narrow.jpg

“Our panel of five judges reviewed over 40 nominations this year to narrow in on the top mobile satellite innovations for 2021. Intelsat’s FlexMove stood out in the Use of a Mobile Solution category for its work with the Royal Navy,” says Lisa Dreher, President, MSUA. “The Royal Navy highlighted how satellite communications are part of the Commando Forward Surgical Group (CFSG), a team that goes wherever the Royal Marines deploy, no matter how extreme the environment,” continues Dreher.

“Taking telemedicine to new heights, CFSG uses this new technology to treat casualties in the field and to ensure response is faster and more advanced than ever. With Marines having to often deploy quickly, they were looking for a light-weight, easy-to-set up high-speed internet solution that was secure and reliable,” explains Joel Schroeder, Director, Land Mobile Products, Intelsat. “Intelsat FlexMove allows them to reach back to UK surgical consultants for real time in-depth analysis and guidance among many other uses. Intelsat FlexMove solves that need and is available globally through valued partners like GRC, at any time for response teams and mission critical operations,” says Schroeder.


  • Chairman’s Award for Outstanding Innovation – Blue Sky Network:  Blue Sky Network’s SkyLink provides a versatile air, land, and sea solution that enhances the safety and efficiency of operations, even in the most remote, austere locations on the planet.

  • Company to Watch – Ovzon:  Ovzon T6 is the smallest, lightest, and fastest terminal in its class with the ability to transmit up to 50 Mbps and receive greater than 120 Mbps, all in a compact laptop sized form factor.

  • Top Government Mobile Innovation – Kymeta:  Kymeta’s u8 and Kymeta Connect provide future-proof connectivity anytime, anywhere. Kymeta’s solutions enable first responders to save lives and property quickly and efficiently without having to worry about reliable connectivity.

  • Top Mobile Marketing Campaign – Solstar Space:  Solstar Space embarked on a Regulation Crowdfunding Round under Reg CF in 2020 that closed in January of 2021. The goal was to raise approximately $535,000. The campaign was over-subscribed and reached over $1.1 million.

  • Top Connected Mobile Platform Innovation – Iridium:  Iridium’s Global Maritime Distress and Safety System, Iridium GMDSS, is the first and only maritime safety solution that covers 100% of the globe with real-time satellite connectivity.

  • Top Mobile User Experience – ST Engineering iDirect:  ST Engineering iDirect’s Advanced SATCOM Mobility enables fast-moving remotes to automatically cross multiple spot beams within a short period of time, maintaining a constant IP session.

  • Top New Space Startup Innovation – Kythera:  The Kythera Operating System (KOS) manages and optimizes satellite payload resources along with ground-based assets, providing autonomous, real-time space network provisioning and operations that take full advantage of today’s flexible, high-throughput satellites.

  • Outstanding Leadership in Use of a Mobile Solution – Intelsat:  Intelsat FlexMove is the only high-throughput satellite connectivity service designed to keep land mobile users connected in remote and hard to reach locations.

  • Top 5G Wireless Mobile Innovation – Omnispace:  Omnispace One Global Network is a proposed global 5G standards-based non-terrestrial network (NTN) that will offer commercial, enterprise and government devices ubiquitous communications worldwide.

  • Top ESG Impact Mobile Innovation – Inmarsat:  Inmarsat’s GX10A and GX10B Arctic demonstrates a unique partnership between government and industry to provide first-time-ever wideband coverage over the Arctic.