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MSUA Board of Directors



Richard Hadsall is one of that rare breed of technologists who is also a successful company founder and leader.

Under his technology leadership, MTN pioneered a unique business model, in which the company became the communications partner of its US government and cruise line customers, and introduced a series of passenger and crew services that generated revenue shared by the cruise line and MTN. 

Though he is known as the “father of maritime VSAT,” stabilizing an antenna was only one of Richard’s many technology “firsts.” His work enabled the first live broadcast from a nuclear submarine for ABC’s “Good Morning America,” and a live uplink from a moving Amtrak train for the program’s week-long “Whistle Stop” coverage of the 2008 Presidential election.

In 2011, he became one of the few satellite engineers to receive an Emmy Award for retrofitting a Ford F350 pickup into the “Bloom-Mobile,” a satellite-based mobile communications platform that allowed the late NBC reporter David Bloom to broadcast live coverage of the War in Iraq while moving across the Iraqi desert at speeds up to 50 mph.

Richard has been inducted into the SSPI Satellite Hall of Fame and received a lifetime achievement award from Via Satellite Magazine.

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