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Mobile Satellite Users Association Names 2024 Officers


The MSUA launches into 2024 with its new organization
officers and leadership team.

February 5, 2024 – McLean, VA – The Mobile Satellite Users Association (MSUA), a global not-for-profit focused on amplifying the voices of the millions of users of satellite services for mobile communication, navigation, and safety, will be chaired by Erwan Emilian of IEC Telecom and vice chaired by Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch of Viasat, Inc.

"I am privileged to continue serving as the Chairman for the MSUA. This organization has continued to extend its influence and impact across the satellite and mobile communications ecosystems because of the efforts of our board members and our member organizations. I am proud of the work this organization is doing in partnership with its member organizations to continue to progress toward increasingly ubiquitous satellite mobile communications and connectivity. We are thankful for the opportunity to support this community," says Erwan Emilian, Chair, Mobile Satellite Users Association, and Partner & Group Vice Chairman, IEC Telecom Group.

2024 Mobile Satellite Users Association Officers

  • Erwan Emilian, MSUA Chair, and Partner & Group Vice Chairman, IEC Telecom Group

  • Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch, MSUA Vice Chair, and SVP, Government Strategy and Policy, Viasat, Inc.

  • Lisa Dreher, MSUA President, and Managing Director, GuideForce

  • Frank August, MSUA Secretary, and Satellite Communications Project Manager, ZIN Technologies, Inc. (division of Voyager Space)

  • M. Brian Barnett, Founder and CEO, Solstar Space Company

  • Roger McGarrahan, CEO, Pathfinder Digital

MSUA LI Newsletter Officers Leadership-01.jpg

“As we welcome this year’s officers, MSUA stands as a cornerstone for innovation and collaboration in satellite and space communications. Reflecting on MSUA's foundational impact on maritime, aeronautical, businesses, and governments globally, I am dedicated to working with our member organizations. Together, we'll ensure diverse user voices play a pivotal role in shaping MSUA's future, celebrating advancements through the Mobile Satellite Innovation Awards and contributing to the ongoing development of the mobile satellite and space industry,” said Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch, MSUA Board Vice Chair, and Senior Vice President, Government Strategy and Policy, Viasat, Inc.


“We are fortunate to have this committed team of industry professionals leading the MSUA into the future. With the extraordinary growth and transformations occurring in the satellite mobile industry, the work our organization does to support the millions of satellite solutions users around the globe is becoming increasingly valuable for our community. I am encouraged by the growth the MSUA has seen recently, and I look forward to celebrating with our members during the 2024 Satellite Mobile Innovations Awards in March,” says Lisa Dreher, MSUA President and Managing Director, GuideForce.


A contingent of MSUA's board members and officers will attend the upcoming Satellite 2024 conference in Washington D.C. During the conference, MSUA will hold its annual Satellite Mobile Innovation Awards. To sponsor the event or obtain tickets, submit a request using the online registration form. More information can be obtained at

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To apply for MSUA membership, visit or contact



Media Inquiries | Lisa Dreher | | +1 425-442-1301

For more information visit


The Mobile Satellite Users Association is a non-profit association dedicated to promoting the interests of the millions of users of satellite services for mobile communication, navigation, and safety worldwide. The association fosters the exchange of news, information, and ideas among and between users, suppliers of equipment and services, operators of satellite systems, and the various entities affecting the future of the industry. MSUA sponsors the annual Satellite Mobile Innovation Awards, celebrating the top anticipated and market-proven advancements in satellite services, and collaborates with conference organizers around the world to shape and facilitate conference programming dedicated to the users of satellite services. We invite you to join MSUA and to take part in our community. Visit to learn more.


X/Twitter: @MSUAorg


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