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Top Satellite Mobile Innovations of 2024 Revealed


MSUA announces innovation awards during annual ceremony with keynote, “Sustainable Connections for a Mobile World”.


March 19, 2024 – Washington D.C. – The Mobile Satellite Users Association (MSUA), a global not-for-profit organization focused on amplifying the voice of satellite mobile solutions users and innovators, today celebrated with organizations earning satellite mobile innovation awards during SATELLITE 2024. Christine Joseph, Policy Advisor to the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Office of Space Commerce provided the keynote for the ceremony and Pacôme Révillon, Chief Executive Officer for Euroconsult, announced the mobile satellite initiatives earning awards.


“We stand in the midst of thrilling advancements in the satellite mobile industry. The industry is poised to expand the reach and capabilities available to users worldwide, even extending into space. I am inspired by the remarkable initiatives submitted for consideration this year. It was an honor to celebrate alongside all the finalists and the organizations that ultimately earned awards this year. These highlighted innovations are enhancing connectivity, making it more secure, reliable, and accessible to a diverse range of users. We take pride in continuing the tradition of recognizing excellence in our industry,” says Lisa Dreher, President, MSUA.


“In addition to honoring outstanding innovations, we also took the opportunity to recognize the invaluable contributions of our MSUA leadership team. It's with great pleasure that I presented the 2024 President's Award to Maike Denda, MSUA's Finance Director, for her unwavering commitment to our organization for more than six years. Her steadfast loyalty has been instrumental in the continued growth of the MSUA,” Dreher concludes.

MSUA Satellite Mobile Innovation Awards 2024:

  • Company to Watch – Filtronic:  Filtronic's Cerus amplifiers combine the power of our inhouse designed MMIC (monolithic microwave integrated circuits) amplifiers at very high frequencies (mmWave) to generate much larger signals than can be achieved through a single device on currently available technology.

  • Chairman’s Award for Outstanding Innovation – Litecoms:  The Lite Sat CART is the first U.S. manufactured LEO/GEO electronically steerable antenna (ESA) in full production certified on Intelsat FLEX and SpaceX Starlink networks. Lite Sat CART ESA can be used for fixed location LEO tracking and LEO/MEO/GEO communications on the move (COTM).

  • Aerospace Mobile Innovation – Iridium: Iridium Certus® aviation commercial service provides a secure cockpit domain with reliable voice and data capabilities. This milestone achievement marks the availability and certification of Iridium Connected® aviation solutions for commercial transport aircraft, business aviation, helicopters, private aircraft, and Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS) that offer more compact, cost-effective equipment with superior coverage compared to alternative systems.

  • Land Mobile Innovation – Globalstar: Provides IoT asset tracking logistics through a partnership between Globalstar and TGI Connect. SmartOne Solar by Globalstar is a solar-powered, low maintenance, satellite IoT device that provides remote monitoring and tracking delivered in near real-time on the Globalstar LEO satellite network.

  • Maritime Mobile Innovation – Intellian: The OW11FM, Intellian's Enterprise Flat Panel for Maritime has been developed for use on Eutelsat OneWeb's LEO network. This Flat Panel product is the ideal choice for the cruise, energy, and ferry markets as it delivers reliable low-latency, high speed connectivity. In a variety of maritime use cases, the terminal supports critical communications, crew welfare, safety, route planning, and entertainment.

  • Government Mobile Innovation – Viasat:  InCommand enables commanding and telemetry on-demand for space assets operating below geostationary orbit, providing a cost effective and time-critical solution for any Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite by removing dependencies on ground infrastructure, helping to ensure swift responses to satellite operational needs. It is part of Viasat's suite of space-to-space, multi-band, multi-orbit solutions that deliver reliable and resilient satellite connectivity.

  • Mobile User Experience Innovation – Speedcast:  Speedcast's SIGMA™ solution is an intelligent platform integrating multiple connectivity paths into a single, secure service, monitoring and selecting the right connectivity option to maintain application performance and deliver the highest availability. Running on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, SIGMA can seamlessly manage global VSAT and cellular 4G/5G satellite backhaul, L-band transmission paths, and automatically and efficiently manage multiple secured WAN links.

  • New Space Mobile Innovation – OQ Technology: OQ ONE provides complete 4G/5G satellite-based NB-IoT connectivity. OQ’s “plug & play” solutions and interoperability eliminates integration hassles, facilitating swift deployment across many complex projects ranging from smart cities to remote site digitalization, thereby transforming traditional practices with ease and efficiency. The secure cloud infrastructure is integrated as part of the end-to-end IoT platform for safeguarding data.

  • On-Orbit Connectivity Innovation – Ovzon:  Ovzon 3 represents a groundbreaking new category in geostationary satellites, uniquely engineered to deliver the highest levels of mobility, performance, and resilience. This pioneering satellite offers unmatched performance for mission-critical tasks, setting a new standard in satellite communications. The software-defined capabilities are delivered via Ovzon's On-Board-Processor (OBP), a powerful in-orbit processing platform, enabling previously unavailable resiliency for assured connectivity, such as autonomous operation, obfuscating of traffic patterns, signals hidden in the noise floor, frequency hopping, and more.

  • Environment, Social, Governance Impact Innovation – Globalsat Group: Globalsat’s Maritime Coordination and Emergency Network is designed to maintain internal coordination communications for Chile’s maritime authority and to alert its dependent agencies in case of emergencies. The Rapid Deployment System is a transportable hybrid satellite communications solution that enables on-site officials to access internet and satellite telephony capabilities for emergency coordination with the Coordination Center through a web portal. The system also integrates VHF equipment and cellular telephony to provide multiple connectivity options.

  • Industrial IoT Innovation – ST Engineering iDirect:  The ST Engineering iDirect IoT Solution is a robust, cost-effective, and highly scalable offering, facilitating connectivity with a portfolio of compact, lightweight terminals that feature a tightly integrated satellite modem and flat-panel antenna design in Ku- and Ka-band variants. Built on its scalable Evolution, Velocity, and Dialog hub infrastructures, the IoT solutions incorporate an IoT optimized waveform, and a cloud-based NMS/OSS management framework powered by hiSky technology, to support fixed or mobile IoT applications in a wide range of markets including transportation, energy, mining, utilities, agriculture, and construction.

  • Software Defined Network Innovation – Integrasys:  FlexCap represents a groundbreaking advancement in the realm of satellite technology, specifically designed to cater to the intricate needs of Very High Throughput Satellites (VHTS), High Throughput Satellites (HTS), and satellites across diverse orbits, including GEO, MEO, and LEO. This sophisticated solution is developed for Satellite Operators, Service Providers, and Government Agencies, offering a comprehensive approach to satellite capacity management.

  • Space Sustainability Innovation – Intelsat:  Intelsat's Mission Extension Services provide customers with continuous connectivity services without interruption while fewer new satellites need to be launched. Satellite life extension also reduces the need to de-orbit or dispose of non-functioning spacecraft, helping to alleviate the growing problem of space debris that can imperil future missions and operations in space. Intelsat continues to work with aerospace technology partners to make in-space servicing, repair, and life extension a reality across its fleet using robotics technology deployed through mission extension pods.

  • Outstanding Leadership in Use of a Mobile Solution – Pathfinder Digital: Pathfinder Digital’s MONDO Terminal (MVSAT) United States Patent Number 11,831,346 (Awarded November 2023) is a Multi-Orbit Network, Dual Operation terminal ("MONDO" terminal). The MONDO terminal is a mobile VSAT designed to provide users a mobile satellite ground terminal that can be operated seamlessly across various network service providers, including those with varied bands and varied orbital constellations. MONDO provides users with a single ground terminal antenna system that combines the best characteristics of parabolic antennas with the best characteristics of ESAs.

  • Consumer Maritime Innovation – Starlink:  With the world's largest satellite constellation, Starlink provides connectivity on Earth's oceans and waterways, including coverage in international waters. Starlink delivers high-speed, low-latency internet both in-motion and while anchored allowing users to enjoy streaming movies, making video calls, playing video games, and more – all while out on the water.


The distinguished judges panel reviewed nominations from around the globe to ultimately name the top submission for each award category.


MSUA 2024 Satellite Mobile Innovations Awards Judges

  • Natalia Larrea Brito, US Director, Euroconsult

  • Antonio Franchi, Head of 5G/6G NTN Programme Office, European Space Agency (ESA)

  • Christine Joseph, Special Advisor, NOAA Office of Space Commerce

  • Silvano Payne, Founder & CEO, SatNews Publishers

  • Chris Quilty, Founder, Quilty Space


Sponsors for the annual awards program included Premier Title Sponsor, Viasat; Velocity Sponsor, Pathfinder Digital; Momentum Sponsor, Ovzon; Table Sponsors, Inmarsat, Integrasys, Intelsat and Kymeta; and additional support from AST SpaceMobile, Iridium, Litecoms, Intellian, Solstar Space, ST Engineering iDirect, and Speedcast.


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